topt® an NYC based food/tech start-up, dedicated to nutrition, wellness, and health education, is set to be the trusted brand in healthy food delivery. 

OBJECTIVE: Assist in creating the topt product and design a clean and elegant app embodying the core values of topt backed with extensive user research/testing, awareness of best practices in usability, and close collaboration with the CEO Brandon Evans (Crowdtap, MRY, Flic) & CTO Reuben Doetsch (Sportaneous, Greatist, Recombine).


PROBLEM: "Healthy eating is hard. 52% view it harder than doing taxes." - Food Insight. The current food system is being reborn around health, but current delivery options fail to address this.

TARGET PERSONA: Working 20-30 something yr olds who are interested in a healthy lifestyle, have tried but don't know where to start, or are too busy to keep up/research a healthy eating habit.


  • Open ended intercept interviews in health and wellness oriented spots in Manhattan & Brooklyn during lunch time (Sweetgreen, Wholefoods, Juicery, Hu Kitchen, Dig Inn, etc.)
  • Collected interview data and translated it into user pain points and needs.
  • Design sprints and brainstorming with team (CEO, CTO, Software Engineer Intern, and Business Intern) to get their thoughts and ideas on the direction of the product.

SOLUTION: Simplify healthy eating with an on-demand, educational, and chef + nutritionist curated lunch app catering to users' personal nutritional needs and life goals.


  • Early Core Experience Flow (Add-Ons Modal vs. Add-Ons Pop Up)
  • Early Checkout Options
  • WIP Customize Meal Feature Wireframe

PROTOTYPE/USER TESTING: Created with Flinto to test for indirect vs. direct to bag flow and the overall experience users feel from the design/flow. User testing feedback was then applied to the final design. 

  • Flinto Interaction Preview

iOS Design: Created using Bohemian Sketch 3